A warm, mellow voice with a contagious life force are the words an Italian arts magazine recently used to describe Irish singer and showman Jude Lindy.

Jude Lindy’s singing is energetic and involving, his timbre deep and dreamy, recalling the voices of early Jazz artists. His connection with his audience is potent and honest.


Jude Lindy

Jude has a trained voice, and has several years’ experience as a professional actor. He first studied at the Zach Theatre in Austin, Texas, where he discovered Swing. He is a graduate of the prestigious Gaiety School of Acting’s Diploma course in Dublin. He also trained at Walton’s School of Music. Today, he takes classes in studies vocal repertoire privately with coach Patrizia Gallo in Rome.

During his artistic schooling he also studied dance and movement and has been a fervent dancer of Lindy Hop (the energetic 1930’s Swing dance) for several years, having first discovered the dance in 2006 in Marseille, France, where he lived for three years.

He has had the honor to sing and perform with various highly-acclaimed artists in the Jazz and Swing world in Europe and the United States.

An international artist in spirit and experience, Jude Lindy affirms his passion every time he goes on stage, delivering a unique experience which leaves a smile on audiences’ faces.

Videos Jude Lindy


Saturday 1st October 2016 – Jude Lindy’s Hot 5 @ Spirit de Milan
Oct 1 @ 22:00 – 23:45
Saturday 1st October 2016 - Jude Lindy's Hot 5  @ Spirit de Milan | Milano | Lombardia | Italy

Spirit de Milan is a really cool venue. On Saturday 1st October I’ll be there with an excellent hand-picked group.

Here’s the release for the gig (in Italian):

“Il prossimo sabato sera, 1 ottobre alla “Holy Swing Night” di Spirit De Milan, sarà il (tanto atteso) turno del pluri-amato crooner italo-irlandese JUDE LINDY insieme ai suoi HOT 5 milanesi… (il gotha dello Swing nordico: Claudio Perelli – sassofono, Sandro Di Pisa – chitarra, Luca Garlaschelli – contrabbasso, Massimo Caracca – batteria).
Il noto cantante/intrattenitore/showman vi allieterà con dell’ottimo repertorio ballabile dal ’20 al ’40
Diffondete il verbo!” -Mauro Porro.

Facebook Event:

100% Hot Jazz & Swing
100% for dancers of Lindy Hop, Balboa and Collegiate Shag

Jude Lindy- vocals
Claudio Perelli- reeds
Sandro Di Pisa – guitar
Luca Garlaschelli- double bass
Massimo Caracca – drums

Hope you can come!

7th October 2016 – Jude Lindy Special Guest Singer – Swing Mood, Pistoia @ Swing Mood
Oct 7 @ 21:00 – 23:45
7th October 2016 - Jude Lindy Special Guest Singer - Swing Mood, Pistoia @ Swing Mood

Delighted and excited to be going to Pistoia to sing classic jazz with new musicians for dancers of Swing !

More info soon !

Saturday 12th November 2016 – Jude Lindy & His Hot Swing Propellers @ Pinispettinati Rome
Nov 12 @ 23:00 – Nov 13 @ 02:00
Saturday 12th November 2016 - Jude Lindy & His Hot Swing Propellers @ Pinispettinati Rome | Roma | Lazio | Italy

The return of the Propellers to Pinispettinati in Rome! A fantastic venue. A fantastic night.

The Propellers are now a sextet, with two reeds…. all the pieces are arranged by the band giving an even more powerful, smooth and colorful sound.
We will have you dancing ALL NIGHT to little-known songs from the 1920s and 1930s. Are you ready?

It’s going to be huge!!!!

See you there.


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